How Do I Become an RN?

Are you looking for how to become an RN? Find out here in our step by step guide how to be a registered nurse.

The need of registered nurses (RN) is growing each day, with the continuous growth in the health care industry. They hold a very important position in this industry, as they have the task of taking care of the day-to-day needs of the patients. A nurse has a very challenging job, with scopes of growth, and lucrative salaries. How do I become an RN, must be a question, that most of you now must be seeking an answer to. There are certain requirements that you need to fulfill to become a RN.

How to become an RN? – Requirements

To become a registered nurse, you need to complete an associate degree, diploma program, or a bachelor’s degree program in nursing. An associate’s degree needs 2-3 years, diploma program takes 3 years, and bachelor’s degree takes 4 years to get completed.
Make sure you choose a proper nursing school, which has a good reputation, so that later you get good placements. You can search the net for the different institutions and their requirements. Many schools enroll candidates with high SAT or ACT scores, while some require you to have cleared the National League for Nursing Pre-Admission Exam.
While deciding which program to opt for, you need to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. If you opt for the bachelor’s degree program, the chances of you advancing in your career is more, compared to that offered by other two programs.
No matter which program you choose, you have to go through several hours of instructions, each week, in your classroom. Apart from behavioral science and nursing, your course will also include psychology, microbiology, chemistry, anatomy and nutrition.
After you have gone through the associate’s degree, diploma or bachelor’s degree program, you have to clear the national licensing exam, which is known as the National Council Licensing Examination, to be able to practice in any state.
Apart from the NCLEX examination, different states have their own particular examination, and you have to clear them too, so that you are allowed to practice in different states.
At times, people first complete their associate degree or diploma program, and then opt for the bachelor’s degree. For some years they work in the entry-level positions, and then take benefit of tuition compensation, and continue with their studies. Certain institutes offer accelerated master’s degree program that gets completed in 2-3 years, and after which, you get both bachelor’s, and master’s degree.
Students need to work in the clinic for particular number of hours to graduate from the nursing program, and be entitled for a state licensure. Students will need to work in clinical settings like hospitals, or health care centers, under guidance. They will get to learn how to use certain types of equipment, and how to react to different types of situations and patients.
Many states need the RNs to complete continuing educations, so that their nursing license remains active. The number of hours they need to invest varies from state to state.
Become A Registered Nurse

How do I become an RN online?

There are many online institutions that offer you a Bachelor’s Degree in nursing. You need to search for an institution that is accredited, and thus there will be good chances of placements.

After you have acquired the online bachelor’s degree, you have to clear an examination to become a licensed nurse, similar to what is needed in a regular bachelor’s degree program.

This program is beneficial for you, if you already own an associate’s degree in nursing.

You can also opt for the online programs, if you want to become a nurse, but do not have any experience in this field.

These programs are equally beneficial for those who have not been in contact with their profession for a year or more, and for those whose licenses have expired.

A registered nurse draws a very handsome salary of about $32.00/hour. A nurse who is freshly out of school can earn about $21.00/hour, and it will rise with experience. A nurse who has enough experience can expect to draw $45.00/hour. Annually, the salary of a registered nurse varies between $43,375- $63,365. Now that you know, “How do I become an RN“, and are also aware of the great salary you can expect to draw, start with your nursing course without delay.

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